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Do You Have Sailing Expertise to Share?
How To Sail assists sailing newcomers, as well as seasoned salts, with a collection of links and articles supporting the best aspects of sailing safety and fun. If you have something to contribute along these lines, you are invited to submit your work to our pages. For feature articles, guest writers receive a byline, a short biography, and a link to the writer's website if desired.

Interested? Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Features should be short - from 300 to 600 words. 
  • The most suitable articles provide information on how sailors can develop their skills, enhance their safety, perform repairs, wisely buy gear, and just plain have fun on the water.
  • Use the form on this page to submit your article.
  • Be sure to specify if you'd like to post your URL, email address or other contact information in your bio with the article. Otherwise, this information will not be included.
  • Photos and art are very welcome. Your picture adds a personal  touch to the article. Send it as an email attachment to
  • Drop me a note if you'd like to discuss article content, feature suggestions, or if you have any questions,

You may also submit a sponsored article, media release, company product and service announcements, and such: Details

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