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Basics of Sailing

Featured Articles on Public Relations
Sailors share their very best secrets and tips.

Sail Trim Simulator
Here's a cool educational tool from the helpful folks at the National Geographic Society on how to trim a sail based on a range of headings in various winds.

Boater's Toolbox
Practice a safe docking in multiple marina layouts, complete a safety study course, then brush up on your VHF radio technique; courtesy of BoatUS Foundation.

The Physics of Sailing
The questions are puzzling: How can a boat sail upwind? How can boats sail faster than the wind? The School of Physics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia has some illustrated answers.

The Beaufort Wind Scale
Wind forces as defined by Sir France Beaufort of England in 1805, describing conditions in escalating magnitudes of appearance on sea and land. 

Navigation Rules of the Road
Exhaustive detail on international and inland navigation rules for powerboats and sailing vessels, courtesy of the United States Coast Guard Navigation Center.

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