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How to Sail Articles

Featured Articles on How to Sail
Sailors share their very best sailing secrets and tips.

Top Tips for Better Sailing
Here are time-tested tips to keep your sailing day exciting and safe, gathered over the years from old seasoned salts and from those who sometimes learned the hard way.

Sailboat Passenger Do's and Don'ts
From what your passengers should bring (and not!), to coping with seasickness, and keeping your sailboat crew entertained, able, and whole.

Single-Handed and Solo Sailing Tips
The ability to sail single-handed is a big boost to your comfort and confidence levels, but requires a well-trimmed set of skills. Here's a primer list of tips and tactics to have at the ready.

Sailing Terms Every Sailor Should Know
Learning to sail takes mastering a second language, a collection of salty words cobbled from tongues ancient and scattered, and rarely seems to describe what a part actually does. Here's a sampling.

Sailing Reference and Resource Texts
It's fun and frequently enlightening to take a quick glance at the bookcases of other sailors. Here are some of my all-time favorite sailing reference books and resources sitting handy on my shelves.

Career Opportunities at Sea
Perhaps an occasional weekend on the boat doesn't satisfy your profound longing for the sea, and you seek ways to turn your marine skills into a paying vocation. 

Trash Vortex at Sea Larger than Texas
A pile of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean may now double the size of the Lone Star State.

Wonders of the World's Seven Seas
We know more about the contours of Mars than the floors of our seas. As Bill Bryson observes, the oceans of earth are full of life and surprises.

Sailing the Saronic Gulf in Greece
Giannis Makridakis shares three top tips and photos for sailors attracted to Greek history and Homer's idyllic seas. 

Setting Sails by Tangled Lines & Sheets
This photo shows an order in the chaos, though some may not see it. Be sure to share your own snapshots of purposeful disarray.

The Seal Woman
Tall tale of a selkie, brazenly based on the folk song by Gordon Bok.

Sea Worthy Lessons for Online Sailors
Teaching old-school sailing skills with new-age technologies.

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