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Steven R. Van Hook

Sailing Reference & Resource Texts
Some all-time favorite theory & practice books on my shelf.
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 by Steven R. Van Hook

Steven R. Van HookAlI sailors most likely have an assortment of reference books on their shelves, rarely gathering too much dust before they're shaken off and browsed once again.

It's fun and frequently enlightening to take a quick glance at the bookcases of other boaters to see what they read, and -- most interestingly -- have in common with your own collection. 

Here's a brief sampling of my own sailing library: books, magazines, articles, kits and such. Feel free to compare and share your own favorites.

Calder, Nigel (2003). How to Read a Nautical Chart. McGraw-Hill.

Car, Michael (1999). Weather Predicting Simplified. McGraw-Hill.

Crawford, William (1978). Mariner's Weather. Norton.

Fagan, Brian (2002). Cruising Guide to Central and Southern 

Jobson, Gary (1998). Sailing Fundamentals. Simon & Schuster.

Maloney, Elbert (2006). Chapman Piloting & Seamanship. Hearst 

Tursi, Tom (2004). Coastal Navigation & Piloting. ASA.

Vigor, John (1994). Practical Mariner's Book of Knowledge. 

Weiss, Eric; Jacobs, Michael (2005). Comprehensive Guide to 
  Marine Medicine.
Adventure Medical Kits.

Wing, Charlie. Rules of the Road. West Marine.

* * *

Please share your own related references.

Steven R. Van Hook has cruised California waters since 1976, 
starting with a 19-foot Glen-L powerboat in Santa Barbara Harbor, 
and currently sails a Hunter 33 out of Channel Islands Harbor. 

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